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Production and quality control

This section provides information on the quality management of the used roundlog, processing technologies and assembly on the site. In order to get more information, click on any of the pictures below.

drevo1. Roundwood selection for a log house is performed visually by means of inspecting the trunks already cut down or suitable to be cut down. The trunks are selected carefully with respect to certain diameter which is measured precisely. The best pieces are moved to the stock where the second visual check is performed. The pieces complying with the highest quality criteria are used for log houses construction. Generally, only 50% of trunks from different forest areas can comply with the second quality control.
The selected pieces are immediately treated by an antifrost spray and the area is protected by pheromone traps to prevent insects from the ready roundlog. The roundlog used for house construction vary in diameter from 200 to 400 mm according to the purpose, the particular building and to the climatic changes in the growth location. The standard roundlog diameter recommended in our country is 300mm which corresponds to the EC quality standard on thermal protection. The thermal resistance of the other parts such as windows, doors, floor, ceilings and roofs corresponds to the EC quality standard on energetic losses.

2. Every piece of roundlock is peeled manually, a trench is made and the wood is worked on by chisel till it is smooth.


3. The base roundlog is straight cut so as to be settled on the fundamental squared log. The fundamental squared log is separated from the base plate by hydroisolation. The upper part of the squared lock is covered by an insulation layer.

4. The next lines of roundlock are piled up. The contact point between the particular lines is filed by an insulation layer made of pure sheep wool or hemp fibre – CANABEST. The log contact is thus impossible.


Trench sealing

A special W profile meeting the standards of the Act on Energy Saving is used by our company. The profile protects the wood from external humidity and thus prevents any energy loss.

Wood is an exceptionally good form of natural thermal insulation. The contact surfaces of roundlogs are very well processed and sealed. The high quality gap insulation is made of the officially certified pure sheep wool or hemp.

Special sealing made of EPDM rubber along the walls and in the corners bring a higher level of safety even after decades.


We build log houses using Siberian rock pone...

” Mysterious Siberian ceder  - the strength of the tajga”.

Siberian ceder , the most frost tested tree on our planted, has helped the people of the tajga in their struggle for survival.
At present, the glittery bluish tree tops of the Siberian ceders cover the largest areas of Siberia. The miraculous qualities of ceder seem to emerge from the foggy Siberian tajga.


Siberian ceder – heartwood can normally reach the height of 20 to 30 meters with the diameter of 1,5 to 1,7 m at the age of 500-700 years. Some of them can grow for 1000 years and reach the height of 40 m.

Wood deformation processes, shrinking and swelling, are minimal as the content of resin in ceder is very low. Except for this, ceder produces a very pleasant aromatic scent.
The scent has a positive and tranquilizing effect. The intensity of scent weakens in the course of 12 months, but using a soft grinding paper on its surface brings the scent back on the wood surface and the wood smells great again!


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