Life of a difference.

20 years of experience in favour of high quality and reasonable price

Our production

"Life and living is a special kind of art"

Our wood processing is neat and exact. The quality is comparable with the original Canadian wood processing and building companies. Our company employing more than 100 employees processes 1500 m3 – 2000m3 of wooden mass per month. This capacity allows us to build more than 100 wooden houses a year.

We introduce and realize our projects especially in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, but our products have already been exported abroad to Austria, Germany, France, Croatia, Italy etc. 30% of our production is used in Slovakia, 30% is used in the Czech Republic and the remaining 30% is exported abroad. Our deep knowledge of technology and years of experience represent a huge advantage we have. Our activities also include timber production and side panel production. Due to these activities, we ensure the maximal utilization of wooden mass in the closed area of our company.

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